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Lovise Haj Brade

PhD student

My main research interests revolve around the theoretical understandings of what I refer to as ‘firstness studies’ – that is research, which does not only analyse majority positions as neutral backdrop curtains onto which (ideas about) ‘the Other/s’ can be projected, but rather explicitly engage in critical investigations of the im/perceptibility of structural privilege. The concept is inspired by critical whiteness studies (such as Dyer, Frankenberg, Steyn, Nakayama and the critiques raised by Ahmed) as well as queer theorizations of the privileges of heterosexual coupling and ‘normality’ in general (for instance Butler, Warner, Halberstam, Munoz). Another inspiration and interest, closely linked to the above mentioned, is social psychological theories of subjectification as theorized by Søndergaard and Butler and post structural methodology and method development (also Søndergaard as well as Haavind).

Other research interests include feminist theorizations of the post-political, discourse analysis, post structural and/or cultural studies of class, the neoliberalisation of the academy, post-colonial and/or ‘southern theory’ and activist strategies for social change.

Current research:
I am currently working on my PhD dissertation, The expected inclusion – (middle)class subjectification in Swedish academia, which is about middle class privilege within academia and how first-and otherness is established and enacted among university researchers and teachers.

My motivs for this focus is that despite its massive hegemony, empirical and subject-close studies of the middle class remain a blind spot within contemporary class investigations and thus, personal accounts of the privileges and 'imperceptibility’ of middleclass positions still call for theorization. As mentioned above, the last decades has seen growing explorations of privileged or 'first' positions such as (male) masculinity, whiteness and heterosexuality but middleclassness has still to undergo similar critical investigations - not (only) as a neutral background onto which the anguish of the less privileged are projected - but as a classed position with its own subjectivities, identifications and sentiments - and with a particular responsibility to dispute the structures from which it gains advantages.

Teaching interests:
I have been teaching a variety of courses at undergraduate level. What I like most about teaching is the dialogues and discussions with a diverse group of students and the mutual learning it always generate. I enjoy applying and mixing different teaching methods such as lecturing, exercises, group discussions, personal reflections, role-plays, excursions and presentations to accommodate different interests/needs in the student group and to enable new critical perspectives on the curriculum. Most of the courses I have taught so far have had to do with the application and adaptation of feminist visions and theoretical concepts into a not always so feminist ‘reality’ – for instance into (inter)national, municipal, organizational and/or work place policies.

Administrative tasks:
None at the moment, but I have been a driving force behind the Gender Studies Institution bike…

Academic associations and networks:
Member of the editorial board of Danish gender research journal Kvinder, Køn og Forskning (Women, Gender and Research)

Board member of Sveriges Genusforskarförbund (Swedish Association of Gender Researchers)

Visiting scholarships:
During winter/spring 2014 I am enjoying a visiting scholarship at the WiCDS centre at University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, ZA.


E-mail: lovise.haj_zilstorff_brade [at]

Doctoral student

Department of Gender Studies

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