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Matilda Svensson Chowdhury

PhD, Lecturer

Since the spring term 2013 I am assistant professor at the Department of Gender Studies. I teach different courses from undergraduate level to master's level.

Interests: My main research areas are the body, norms, social and cultural aspects of illness, critical disability research, and autobiographical material.

The research I have done so far has been centered on the creation of norms concerning bodies, what they “should” look like, what they “should” be able to do and so on. I am post-structurally inspired, but with an interest in experience and in how our personal histories affect how we understand the world. I find theoretical inspiration in critical disability studies, as well as in crip theory and in post-structural feminist theory.

Current Research: Currently, I am interested in the meaning-making taking place within medicine, and how culture affects medical decisions.
Read more about the ongoing project A life worse than death? Exploring medicine´s cultural boundaries. A comparative study of the use of permanent ventilators in Sweden and in Denmark Click here.

Teaching Interests: I teach different courses from undergraduate to master's level. I particularly enjoy lecturing on areas close to my research interests (e.g. normativity, regulations around the body and so on), but I also find one on one tuition very inspiring.


"Permanenta respiratorer och föreställningar om individens funktionsförmåga vid ALS-sjukdom", Gränslös, 2013:1.

”Uniformity instead of Diversity”, Nora: Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research, 2013:4

När något blir annorlunda. Skötsamhet och funktionsförmåga i berättelser om poliosjukdom, Lund 2012

”Meningsskapande kring poliosjukdom. En studie i respektabilitetens gränser”, kapitel i Lars Berggren, Klas-Göran Karlsson & Charlotte Tornbjer (red.), Möten med historiens mångfald, Lund 2010  

”’…sedan gick det fort att ändra…’ Ockupationen av Socialstyrelsens trappa 1979”, Lambda Nordica, 2001:4

E-mail: matilda.svensson_chowdhury [at]

Senior lecturer

Department of Gender Studies

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Director of first and second cycle studies

Department of Gender Studies


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