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Feminist Methodologies (7,5 credits)

This course offers a gender studies analysis of method and methodology as an intellectual framework within the social sciences. This involves to understand and critical reflect on current feminist theories on epistemology, methodology and method within gender studies.

To achieve this, the course presents major theories, concepts and approaches enabling the students to make informed analyses of how feminist perspectives and interventions connect to central research practices within studies in social sciences. Apart from presenting and critically discuss major intellectual influences within the gender studies tradition, the course will also analyze how to study certain thematic social issues with special focus on the ways gender and gender relations can be grasped in everyday life.

The course is based on a combination of lectures and seminars. In seminars students will make oral and/or written presentations of the literature and the specific topics. A student assignment will be done in the form of a design of a study accompanied with sustained reflections with the help of the course literature.

This course is 7,5 hp and runs every spring semester.

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