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Master's thesis courses

Each term we offer three master’s thesis courses. The teaching is done mainly in Swedish. The master's thesis can be written in English, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish.

To be eligible for these courses you will require a bachelor’s degree with a major in gender studies or the equivalent. Youll find more information in the course syllabus.

GNVM02, if you write a Master's (One Year) Thesis, 15.0 credits
Syllabus GNVM02

GNVM03, if you write a Master’s (Two Years) Thesis, 30.0 credits
Syllabus GNVM03

GNVM04, if you write a Master's (Two Years) Thesis, 15.0 credits and already have written a Master's (One Year) Thesis, 15.0 credits
Syllabus GNVM04

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