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Ina Knobblock

MSc, PhD student

I am a doctoral candidate at the Department of Gender Studies, Lund University, Sweden, since the autumn of 2011. I concluded a master degree in Gender Studies in 2010 with a theoretical focus on nationalism through an empirical analysis of the role of gender in an ethnonationalist party, the Sweden Democrats. In addition to my master degree I have a broad experience evolving from social movements in South Asia as well as in Latin America.

I have been working on issues of gender, belonging and Indigenous peoples since 2007 through an internship at a Chilean Women's Organisation, Anamuri, working for the rights of Indigenous women and women farm labourers.

Current research

My research explores the contribution of Indigenous feminism to social theory in general and to feminist theory in particular. My specific area of interest are Sámi feminist perspectives. Methodologically, my work takes as its point of departure the narratives of Sámi feminists in the Nordic countries. As part of my ongoing research, I have met with and interviewed several self-identified Sami feminists with the aim of learning about and sharing feminist analyses and experiences (cf. Knobblock & Kuokkanen 2015). Central to my research is an effort to bridge, in critical dialogue with Indigenous feminist movements, the symbolic with the material. Thus, the struggle for land and water with the struggle for identity and belonging.

Additional information

I was one of the editors for a special issue of  NORA Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research entitled Feminism in Postcolonial Nordic Spaces. A central aim of the issue was to focus on feminist analysis of colonial pasts and presents within the different Nordic countries and, as such, centre Sámi and Inuit perspectives.

I participate in the networks Norrsam, the Future of Feminism in the Nordic Region and the Sámi research network Káfastallat.


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E-mail: ina [dot] knobblock [at] genus [dot] lu [dot] se

Doctoral student

Department of Gender Studies

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