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Kristin Linderoth

MSc, PhD Student 

My main research interests regard the impact of class- and gender relations on inequality and social change, theories and practice of the labour movement, labour history, and the welfare state. My master’s degree is in social science with gender studies as my major, but I have also written a bachelor thesis in history.
I teach at the undergraduate level.

Current research
The aim of my doctoral thesis is to, from Marxist and feminist perspectives, explore the debates surrounding and experiences of the Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union strike in 2003. I want to discuss current conditions for unionized, emancipatory aspirations concerning mainly class and gender within the labour movement. I’m interested in the processes linked to social relations, power and resistance which are operative in attempts at social change in late modernity, and wish to locate these in the tension laden field between a changing welfare state, globalisation, neoliberal hegemony and feminist visions.

Selected publications
Linderoth, Kristin, ”Könspolitik mellan kamp och samförstånd. Kommunals kongressdebatt om kvotering”, Arbetarhistoria, nr 141, 2012:1

Linderoth, Kristin, ”Transkribering”, i Irina Schmitt & Malena Gustavson (red) Skolan är ute?! Barn och ungdomar med hbtq-föräldrar och deras erfarenheter i skolan i Tyskland, Slovenien och Sverige. Delstudie Sverige. Lunds universitet, Centrum för genusvetenskap, 2011.


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E-mail: kristin [dot] linderoth [at] genus [dot] lu [dot] se

Doctoral student

Department of Gender Studies

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