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Current projects

in alphabetical order, using author's last name

Garofalo Geymonat, Giulia. Commercial Sex, ´Sexual Assistance´ and People with Disabilities: A Qualitative Inquiry.
Finansierat av Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union (Marie Curie)
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Liinason, Mia. 2012-2015. Feminist critique, feminist resistance, feminist hopes.Exploring practices, strategies and visions within third wave feminist activism in Sweden.
Finansierat av Vetenskapsrådet.
Projektledare Mia Liinason, tillsammans med Marta Cuesta.
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Liinason, Mia. 2012-2014. Universal values, particular contexts, situated struggles. A comparative study of feminist strategies and political discourses on gender equality and multiculturalism in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
Projektet genomförs av Mia Liinason och bedrivs inom ramen för hennes anställning som postdoktor vid Lunds universitet,
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Mulinari, Diana. 2011-2015. ”Negotiating Gender Equality and Feminism in Post-Social Democratic State of Sweden and Germany” som en delstudie i projektet Drömmar om förändring. Kvinnor och skapandet av det civila samhället i Arktiska regionen, Asien, Latin Amerika och Europa. Forskningsfinansiering från Vetenskapsrådet, 2011-2015
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Mulinari, Diana.  2010-2015. Drömmar om förändring. Kvinnor och skapandet av det civila samhället i Arktiska regionen, Asien, Latin Amerika och Europa.
Finansierat av Vetenskapsrådet.
I samarbete med Tiina Rosenberg, Helle Rydström, Chialing Yang, samt Lisbet Lewander och Lena Martinson, Göteborgs universitet
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Mulinari, Diana. 2010-2015. Feminism and its global futures. A comparative and international perspective of women's organizations and feminism activism.
Funded by Swedish Research Council.
Diana Mulinari together with Tiina Rosenberg, Helle Rydström, Chialing Yang, Lisbet Lewander and Lena Martinson.
More information at Diana Mulinari's personal web page

Mulinari, Diana.  2010-2015. Individual agency and Organizational transformations.
Finansieras av Vetenskapsrådet.
Diana Mulinari tillsammans med huvudsökande Nora Räthzel.
More information at Diana Mulinari's personal web page

Mulinari, Diana.  2010-2013. Southern feminist Theory.
Finansieras av Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.

Mulinari, Diana.  2010-2013. South-South Migration. Women domestic workers in Chile, Peru and Argentina.
Finansieras av SAREC.
Diana Mulinari tillsammans med Aina Tollefsen.

Rydström, Helle. 2013 - . Linnaeus-Palme Exchange Program on Gender and Space; Dept. of Geography, Delhi University and Dept. of Gender Studies, Lund University.
Finansieras av Universitets- och högskolerådet.
Projektledare Helle Rydström och Dr. Anindita Datta i samarbete med Dr. Ashis K. Saha, Sara Goodman och Maria Tonini.
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Rydström, Helle. 2011-2014. Recognition and Homosexuality: The Socio-Cultural Status of Same-Sex Relations in India and Vietnam.
Finansierat av SIDA/SAREC 2011-2013.
Projektledare Helle Rydström, i samarbete med Paul Horton and Maria Tonini.
More information at Helle Rydström's personal web page

Rydström, Helle. 2010-2015. Challenged Feminism: The Women’s Union in Late-Socialist Global Vietnam.
Research project included into a larger project on “Imagining Change: Women and the Making of Civil Societies in the Arctic Region, Asia, Latin America, and Europe”, coordinated by Diana Mulinari, and the Civil Society research program funded by ‘Vetenskapsrådet’. In collaboration with the Department of Anthropology, Hanoi University and the Institute of Family and Gender Studies, Hanoi.
More information at Helle Rydström's personal web page

Sager, Maja. 2012-2015. Contested Boundaries. An ethnographic study of activist practices for the inclusion of excluded migrants in Sweden, Denmark and the UK.
The project is funded by FAS Marie Curie International Postdoc Programme, COFAS and will be conducted at the Sociology Department, Lancaster University, UK (2012-2014) and at the Centre for Gender Studies, Lund University, Sweden (2014-2015).
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Sandell, Kerstin. 2013-2015. Big science in the knowledge society: The heterogeneous engineering of the European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund, Sweden.
Funded by Swedish Research Council.
Kerstin Sandell together with Olof Hallonsten and Helena Petterson.
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Sandell, Kerstin. 2015-2018. The Rise of the New Big Science: Opportunities and challenges for nations, universities and science
Financed by Stiftelsen Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs minnesfond.
Project leader Thomas Kaiserfeld, participants Mats Benner, Elin Bommenel, Katherine Harrison, Maria Moskovko.

Schmitt, Irina. 2011-2014. "The logic of resistance. An intersectional perspective on academic gatekeepers."
Research project included into a larger project entitled An open academy: In the footprints of Hedda Andersson.
Funded by Faculty of Social Sciences, Lund University.
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Schmitt, Irina. 2010-2014. Teaching sex? Teachers' knowledge about and strategies towards non-heteronormative youth in Canada. Supported through a Faculty Research Program grant by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. Visiting Associate Professor at the Centre for Women’s and Gender studies, University of British Columbia, fall 2010.
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Schmitt, Irina. 2015-2018.Young trans* peoples' experience of school. Funded by Swedish Research Council, Education sciences.
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Svensson, Matilda. A life worse than death? Exploring medicine´s cultural boundaries. A comparative study of the use of permanent ventilators in Sweden and in Denmark.
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