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Recently finished projects

in alphabetical order, using author's last name

Mulinari, Diana. 2008-2012. Women and Migrants in Swedish Xenophobic parties.
Funded by Swedish Research Council.
Diana Mulinari together with Anders Neergaard.

Mulinari, Diana. 2008-2011. A contradiction in terms? The activity of women and migrants in Extreme Right-wing Populist parties: case study of Sweden Democrats. Swedish Research Council in collaboration with Anders Neergaard.

Mulinari, Diana och Sandell, Kerstin. 2009-2013. I Hedda Anderssons fotspår. En studie i kvinnors problem att nå högre tjänster inom universitetsvärlden.
Funded by the Faculty of Social Sciences, Lund University.
Kerstin Sandell and Diana Mulinari are PL.

Mulinari, Diana och Sandell, Kerstin. 2009-2013. An open academy: In the footprints of Hedda Andersson.
Diana Mulinari, Kerstin Sandell, Irina Schmitt, Lovise Brade Haj, Rebecca Selberg, Malinda Andersson.
More information (in Swedish)

Olovsdotter Lööv, Anna. Doctoral thesis
Masculinity in the service of feminism. Drag kinging as practice, politics, and desire.
Department of Gender Studies, Lund University.
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Sandell, Kerstin. 2010-2015. After the success with the new generation antidepressants: Experiences, practices, discourses and changes in the self.
Funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.
PL Kerstin Sandell together with Anna Bredström, Shai Mulinari and Marianne Winther Jørgensen.
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Sandell, Kerstin.  2011-2012. Legitimizing ESS.
Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies, Lund University.

Schmitt, Irina. 2010-2012. “Experiences of homophobic violence by children of homosexual children in the school context [Homophob motivierte Gewalterfahrungen von Kindern homosexueller Eltern im Kontext Schule]”, together with Malena Gustavson, cooperation with colleagues in Slovenia and Germany, within the Daphne III EU-projekt, In collaboration with the Malmö-based artist Karin Casimir Lindholm, we creaded a norm-critical poster for schools with the title “Who are you family with?” (in Swedish), which interested students, teachers and parents can order from me.

Schmitt, Irina. 2008-2010. “Schooling Gender-Sex-Sexuality. Politics and policy approaches”.

Svensson, Matilda. Doctoral thesis defended on November 9th, 2012. När något blir annorlunda. Skötsamhet och funktionsförmåga I berättelser om poliosjukdom
Source of Funding: Department of History

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