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Riya Rapahel

PhD Student

Current Research: My PhD project aims to investigate and question normative categories and concepts within the study of political economy. I am inspired by writings of postcolonial feminists, intersections of queer theory and Marxism, and deconstructive strands of philosophy that seek to open up concepts and rationalities. Furthermore, I also draw upon the works of Gibson-Graham, Mauss and Polanyi as well as contemporary practices of degrowth, solidarity economy and exchange economies in order challenge the dominant narratives within the study of political economy. The case study is situated in Delhi, India, where I examine the practices of barter-based groups, known as bartanwale, in order to find spaces that visibilise the plurality of the economic systems and highlight ‘Other’ narratives against the dominant narrative of monetary-based and formal economic markets.


Background: I completed my Bachelors’ in Political Science from Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi in 2013. Then, I completed the first year of the Masters’ programme at Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics. In the fall of 2014, I came to Lund University to pursue M.Sc in Global Studies (major: Political Science). In 2015, I worked with the Degrowth Research group, at the Pufendorf Institute, Lund University as an academic intern, which further led me to write my thesis on degrowth. My master thesis explored the analytical and conceptual closures within political economy and the degrowth literature. I used Derridian deconstruction along with poststructuralist theories of postcolonial-queer and feminist economics in order to critically engage with concepts within degrowth and political economy.

I started as a PhD student at the Department of Gender Studies in December 2016.


Master thesis:


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Riya Raphael
E-mail: riya [dot] raphael [at] genus [dot] lu [dot] se

Doctoral student

Department of Gender Studies

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