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Terese A

Terese Anving

Director of Studies | Associate senior lecturer

Terese A

Capturing everyday family practices through going-along. Methodological reflections.


  • Terese Anving

Summary, in English

In this paper I take my point of departure in a discussion around the research method of doing so called go-alongs, its possibilities and limits when trying to capture every day family practices and social differentiation. Here I am mostly interested in different aspects of work and care in relation to the practice of feeding in families with young children, a routine practice in every day family life but at the same time a practice that can also be very emotionally sensitive and intimate. The methodological approach of going-along could be seen as a combination of field-interview and observational study. Additionally it could be argued that the go-along aims to be a collective project between the researcher and the informant; the informant points to aspects that the researcher might not have thought of and the researcher can ask further questions. The method thus enables the researcher to problematize the ordinary and bring to light the sometimes silenced knowledge and aspects of work that may otherwise not be reflected upon. The approach therefore has the possibility to enable the researcher to better grasp activities of everyday life that is not always reflected upon (Kusenbach 2003; Holgersson 2011). On the other hand going-along with families could also be problematic, especially when it comes to getting access. The aim of the paper is consequently to discuss the methodological approach of going-along and the difficulties of engaging people to participate and to letting the researcher be a part of their intimate life, an aspect particularly interesting in relation to families with young children.


  • Sociology

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Conference - other


  • Sociology (excluding Social Work, Social Psychology and Social Anthropology)

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Curiosity and serendipity – a conference on qualitative methods in the social sciences. ESA Research Network 20 Midterm Conference

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Lund, Sweden