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Application and admission

Eligibility and admission

To have basic eligibility for third cycle (doctoral) studies, a student must have (1) passed an exam at second cycle (Master’s) level, (2) fulfilled the course requirements for at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 at second cycle level, or (3) acquired equivalent knowledge in some other way.

The applicant should have a degree in Gender Studies or in a related subject. The degree must include a paper (Diploma work/thesis) presenting the results of independent research.

In general, admission is based on the student’s estimated ability to complete the program successfully. This is evaluated primarily through earlier scientific work submitted in the application, as a master thesis, and through the scientific quality of the suggested PhD research proposal, as well as through the statements provided by the student in the application about research interests and qualifications. Letters of recommendation will also be taken into account. The committee has the responsibility of giving a recommendation to the Head of department regarding the most qualified applicant for admissions.


Applications are accepted only following a vacancy announcement. All admitted PhD students receive a salary so there is no need to apply for scholarships. There is no need to contact potential supervisors in advance.

In Sweden most PhD students have a PhD position during four years. These are always announced at the University web site. We are a small department and do thus only have a few positions. This means that we only have PhD positions available occasionally. Please check the Lund University website for those announcements, and how to apply. The positions of PhDs at the Department will be listed on the job webpage of the university at: . At this site you can also sign up for email alerts when doctoral positions become available.

When PhD positions become open, there will be instructions regarding the application process. Generally the application will need to include; CV, your academic transcripts, an abstract of your research plan, a description of your research plan, copy of any relevant publications and copy of your thesis (or theses). Before starting this process however, make sure you fulfill the formal eligible requirement, that is at minimum a bachelor degree and a one year master degree (advanced level) in gender studies or the equivalent.



Ov Cristian Norocel
Director of Doctoral Studies

ov_cristian [dot] norocel [at] genus [dot] lu [dot] se

Cristian Norocel