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Year 2

The second year of your Study Abroad Programme will be a part of your Master’s degree in Gender Studies from Lund University. During this academic year you will study courses on the graduate level.

Fall semester

The fall semester will start with two courses focusing on feminist theory in a Global and European context. The courses run full time after one another, meaning you will be able to focus on one subject area at a time. These courses will be taught in relatively small groups of about 15 students and relies heavily on active student participation and your ability to lead and independently plan parts of the courses. These courses will consist of about 10-15 students.

The second half of the term you will study methods and methodologies within the Social Sciences. The course aims at improving you skills in developing a research process. You will learn more about diverse research methods used in the social sciences as well as the necessary practical skills required for their application through developing a practical project in a group. Major emphasis is placed on the formulation of research questions, the research process and research design. How to ground your research question in current research is dealt with. In the course you will work with how you could use sources of available data or statistics, how to generate new data as well as how to interpret empirical information within a specific theoretical framework. The course consists of about 100 students.

Spring semester

During the spring term you will continue to deepen your theoretical knowledge withing Gender Studies. The course Critical Feminist Perspectives in Social Theory (15 credits) focuses on significant feminist interventions to social theories within the distinct but interrelated spheres of the economic, political, social and sexual. As a student of this course, you will be trained in the diversity of the field of feminist theory, including its debates, theoretical contributions and analytical tools. The course consists of about 25 students.

1 year Master thesis (15 credits). The course consists of about 10 students.