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irina Schmitt

Irina Schmitt

Senior lecturer

irina Schmitt

Teachers who ”try to be progressive”? Trans and non-binary young people’s experiences in school in Sweden


  • Irina Schmitt

Summary, in English

In this presentation, I will discuss results from a study with young trans and non-binary people on their experiences in school in Sweden. On the one hand, I am interested in the production of vulnerability through and within schools (rather than showing (off) trans and non-binary young people as the wound). Here, Natacha Kennedy’s terminology of cultural cis-genderism, Iwo Nord, Signe Bremer Gagnesjö and Erika Alm’s discussion of cis-normativity and Dean Spade’s concept of administrative violence are helpful. On the other hand, I want to look at moments and contexts where young trans and non-binary people are not made vulnerable. These are moments when teachers used trans-inclusive pedagogies and when structures were in place or set in motion that allowed the trans and non-binary young people to participate in their education without being excluded, and allowed their classmates to learn more about gender.


  • Department of Gender Studies

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Document type

Conference paper: abstract


  • Social Sciences
  • Educational Sciences
  • Gender Studies


  • trans
  • transgender
  • non-binary
  • school
  • education
  • Sweden
  • teachers
  • cisnorm
  • administrative violence
  • cultural cis-genderism

Conference name

Trans, non-binary and Intersex (in) Education - <br/>The 7th Nordic Transgender Studies network symposium

Conference date

2019-11-14 - 2019-11-15

Conference place

Lund, Sweden




  • Young trans* and intersex peoples' experience of school